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Chinchillas are renowned for those sleek, silky coats which make them one of the most adorable pets — no mean feat considering the cuddly competition.

Once upon a time, they kept it in peak condition using fine, natural volcanic dust when they lived in the wild all those years ago.

And in order to ensure their dense fur continues to remain delightfully glossy and luxurious, nothing but the very best bath dust will do while they enjoy their current domestic lifestyle.

In this post, I will be examining a list of the most popular products which are capable of achieving results which mirror those provided by that fine volcanic dust which carpets the peaks and slopes of the Andes.

Best Natural Pumice Dust For Chinchillas

Petpost Chinchilla Bath Dust

Any manufacturer which pays close attention to the needs of its target audience most likely has a product worth checking out. And that’s one of the things which piqued my curiosity where this pouch of bath dust was concerned.

A closer glance revealed that its contents had actually been sourced from nowhere else but the Andes promising an experience which is pretty similar to that of a chinchilla at home on the mountain slopes.

This pumice dust is not only free from harmful chemicals, rough ash, and sand but is also ideal for keeping your pet chinchilla’s fur gleaming with a natural bounce.

What’s more, it has also garnered the approval of vet doctors. And because Petpost believes in making the earth a safer, happier place for pets and their owners everywhere, it’s also been obtained using environmentally friendly procedures.

The manufacturer is also absolutely confident in the quality of their product, and that’s why they’ve tagged it with a 100% money back guarantee if neither you nor your chinchilla like it.

And for best results, all you have to do is have a biweekly bath session lasting 15 – 20 minutes with your chin to ensure its coat remains free of oils, dirt and moisture, and in great condition.


  • Natural dust obtained from the purest white pumice stone on the globe sourced directly from the Andes
  • Sourced using environmentally friendly procedures
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee
  • Has obtained the approval of veterinarians


  • More expensive than similar products

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Best Fur Conditioning Bath Dust For Chinchillas

Oxbow Poof! Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust

My interest in this next item on the list was piqued thanks to the rave reviews provided by several impressed chinchilla owners. The fact that they were quite numerous too, convinced me that this was a product worth taking a closer look at.

Chinchilla enthusiasts who purchased this fully natural bath dust reported soft, shinier fur for their pets which absolutely loved rolling about in it and got excited at bath time. Others affirmed that it had taken the place of a certain popular brand in their hearts (and their chinchilla’s too).

There’s also the fact that the brand itself has earned the trust of vets which is quite simply, the icing on the cake, making it an ideal product for keeping your chin’s coat gleaming and luxurious on a regular basis.


  • 100% natural
  • Keeps chinchilla fur shiny and glossy
  • Comes with veterinarians’ seal of approval
  • Perfectly safe for chinchillas to use


  • Slightly costlier than average
  • Slightly grainy to the touch
  • Contains sparkles and silicates which some pet owners find alarming.

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Best Bath Dust For Recycling

You & Me Chinchilla Bath Dust

This next item may not be as popular as certain other brands with an established following.  And yet its first forays into the realm of chinchilla grooming have already turned out to be successful as evidenced by customer reviews.

Its manufacturers assert that it’s not only high quality but is also completely natural – terms which are bound to attract conscientious chinchilla owners on every occasion. Especially since its particles are the ideal size for thoroughly bathing all that thick fur chinchillas are known for.

And according to customers, it has also earned approval from the most important quarters of all – their pet chinchillas.

And it’s much more than just a pet hygiene product too since it’s perfect for recycling and may be used to add a bit of magic to your garden’s soil. Last but not least, there’s also its price which makes it a bargain compared to some of the more popular brands of bath dust available on the market.


  • Perfect particle size for thoroughly cleaning fur
  • Ideal for recycling in your garden
  • Completely natural
  • Cheaper than more popular brands


  • Insufficient information on sourcing and manufacturing

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The Best Dust Free Option

Tiny Friends Chinchilla Bathing Sand

It’s 100% natural and 100% dust free. What’s more, its particle size is just right and especially absorbent for efficiently cleaning your chinchilla’s thick coat and eliminating any oil and dirt, keeping it delightfully clean and healthy.

That’s because the manufacturers of Tiny Friends Bathing Sand have gone to great lengths to create a product which is as close to what your tiny pet would use in its natural environment. This sand bath product is also free of bacteria eliminating the worrisome possibility of your pet getting any bugs from what should be a particularly safe and enjoyable routine.

And from the numerous reviews provided by happy customers, it’s clear that pets simply love the stuff and look forward to rolling around in it. A number of buyers did, however, seem to consider it to be somewhat pricey in comparison to other products (however, it’s worth noting that Tiny Friends Bathing Sand is actually cheaper than the bath dust products which have already been reviewed above.

There’s also the fact that it’s particularly versatile and is great for hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs making it a great choice for fans of rodents everywhere.


  • Versatile and ideal for little rodents’ hygiene
  • Completely odourless and free from bacteria
  • Highly absorbent
  • Dust free
  • A hit with most pets


  • Complaints about a drop in quality have been observed

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The Best Deluxe Bath Dust Experience

Lixit Chinchilla Dust

The last item on our list has been sourced directly and sustainably from Southern California’s Blue Cloud Mine and promises to bring a touch of that region’s golden sunshine and clear sapphire skies to your chinchilla’s bathing routine. But does it deliver on its promises?

From the impressive numbers of excellent reviews the Lixit Chinchilla Dust Bath has enjoyed so far, I’d say it most certainly does.

Its dust is superfine and gets shaken out of your pet’s thick coat once bath time’s over, taking excess oils, moisture, and dirt with it. And because the product itself has been made from aluminium silicate, it’s completely free from limestone and sand.

Those positive reviews left by happy customers also show that the Lixit Chinchilla Dust has also been thoroughly approved of by their fluffballs which love tumbling about in it.

However, the product is one of the priciest on the list. And while there were no complaints about its quality, several customers did state their dissatisfaction with the size of the container it came in since they deemed it too small for their pet’s needs and a tad too expensive for the quantity it was sold in.


  • Superfine, sustainably sourced dust
  • 100% natural
  • Shakes right out of pet’s fur after cleaning
  • Absorbent and highly efficient at eliminating excess oils, moisture, and dust
  • A hit with chinchillas


  • Pricier than average
  • Complaints about the small size of the container were noted
  • A complaint about the presence of glitter in the product was noted

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An Impressive Selection Of Options

Regular dust baths are all it takes to keep your beloved chinchilla’s coat sleek, smooth and silky. And thanks to so many impressive products which are available just like those reviewed above, you’ll be able to say goodbye to worries about clumped, matted fur, unpleasant odours, and grumpy, moody chins. That’s because you’ll be able to watch them thoroughly enjoy their bath time and emerge glossy and pristine at the end of each grooming session.

Best of all, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re interested in an option which is economical but efficient, versatile and suitable for other tiny furballs, as close to nature as possible or ideal for recycling, you can be certain of finding the product that your pet chinchillas will fall in love with.

And all it takes is just a few clicks in rapid succession to get your bath dust of choice packed up and on its way to you.

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