Best Chinchilla Water Bottles

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If you happen to have a chinchilla in your care, you’ll know just how important keeping your fluffy friend properly hydrated is – and just how challenging it can be too. Especially since your precious pet is just as likely to toss their food inside a bowl of water or even end up flinging debris into it. There’s also the safety factor since bowls are unsuitable for chinchillas and pose a drowning hazard.

And that’s where bottles come in. Placed outside the cage and out of reach, they ensure a significantly reduced possibility of your pet’s water supply getting dirty or your chin getting splashed while enabling you to make sure they remain constantly supplied with fresh, clean water. And in this post, I will be checking out four of the very best water bottles for chinchillas.

Best Leak-Proof Chinchilla Bottle (Our #1 Choice)

Choco Nose H528 Chinchilla Bottle

The first item on our list features a patented leak-proof nozzle and promises to bring an end to soggy, smelly cages and soaked, shivering chins. It’s also pretty convenient to attach thanks to its screw-on and nail-on brackets. With both options, you have the choice of either clipping the bottle on your pet’s cage or attaching it to your wall.

What’s more, it’s pretty different from most water bottles out there which are often generic and made for small pets in general – the Choco Nose H528’s been made just for chinchillas, ensuring it’s the perfect option for keeping them well hydrated on a daily basis.


  • BPA free
  • Fully drip-proof
  • Small compact and convenient to handle
  • Specifically made for chinchillas
  • Convenient attachment options


  • Slightly costlier than average

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Best Chew-Proof Chinchilla Bottle

RentACoop Chinchilla Bottle

Any item which lives up to its promises – well most of them, at least – and is capable of dethroning a popular brand is pretty much worth checking out. Just like our next water bottle on our list.

The Rentacoop is not only leak-proof but also comes with a wire attachment to ensure your pet is able to enjoy a fresh cool drink in maximum comfort. And although it’s a departure from the more common ball system, it’s certainly straightforward and your chin will be able to learn to drink from it pretty quickly.

What’s more, its nipple is also chew-proof which is admittedly a nice touch considering the somewhat formidable dentition chins love to put to use at any opportunity.

And it’s not too bad as far as aesthetics go either with its charming rectangular shape and mint colored lid with a motif which all  make it look like a cute little tank.


  • Completely drip-proof
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Easy for pets to use
  • Chew-proof nipple


  • Slightly more expensive than your average water bottle
  • Slightly inadequate attachment options

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Best Chinchilla Water Bottle For Versatility And Compact Spaces

Choco Nose H125 Chinchilla Bottle

Like most water bottles belonging to this brand, the Choco Nose H125 is delightfully compact, leak-proof and even features a splash of color. And while it lacks the amazing chew-proof point of the Rentacoop bottle previewed above, it’s suitable for other small furballs and easy to fill.

What’s more, this water bottle may also be clipped on to your chin’s cage or nailed on to a wall. And its capacity of 11.2 oz means it’s perfect for keeping your chinchilla well hydrated on a daily basis while its small size means it will fit perfectly in small spaces.


  • Drip-proof nozzle
  • BPA free
  • Compact yet perfect for your chin’s daily water intake
  • Easy to remove to wash or refill
  • May be clipped on to a cage or nailed to the wall


  • Is not chew-proof
  • Slightly costlier than average

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The Perfect Chinchilla Water Bottle For Boisterous Pets

Poodle Pet Water Bottle

An initial glance at the last item on this list will have you thinking that it’s been made with canines in mind. But quite fortunately for owners of adorable fluffballs everywhere, its also been made for smaller pets too.

The concerns of the manufacturers regarding canines’ boundless energy and the endless risk of soaked kennels can be seen in the item’s drip-proof and simple attachment design. What’s more, it’s also been made from eco-friendly materials which are perfectly safe for your chinchilla and will ensure it gets as much clean, fresh water as it needs while its cage is kept comfy and dry.

There’s also its capacity of 12 oz ensuring it’s perfect for your pet’s daily hydration needs. Best of all, the bottle’s replaceable ensuring you will be able to keep using the item’s efficient drip-proof and stable design and continue to provide your chin with this all-essential fluid.   


  • Special drip-proof design
  • Replaceable bottle
  • Ideal capacity for your chin’s daily needs
  • Straightforward yet efficient fastening design


  • Significantly more expensive than your average water bottle

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Concluding Thoughts

Whether you prefer a bespoke chin water bottle, a tumble-proof container, a more versatile affair or one which will withstand the attack of your chin’s gnashers, your perfect water bottle is simply a few clicks away, as shown from the items previewed on our list.

Each of them is attached outside the cage with just the drinking nozzle within reach of the pet to minimize the likelihood of the bottle getting attacked in a fit of boredom and the cage getting flooded as a result. They also each come with a capacity which is more than sufficient for your chinchilla’s daily water requirements.

And best of all, they’ve all garnered good reviews from satisfied clients who’ve experienced the welcome change from spilled water bowls, soggy hay, and drenched pets to clean, dry cages and happy, healthy chinchillas.

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