Best Chinchilla Hideouts

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So, you decided on getting a chinchilla and are wondering which hideouts, houses, or huts are best for you and your new pet. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best shelters for chinchillas to help you decide on the best one for you and your chinchilla.

Why do You Need a Hideout or Hut for Your Chinchilla?

As a new chinchilla parent, you may wonder why you need hideouts or huts for your chinchilla. Chinchillas are prey animals in the wild. This instinct remains with them. They prefer places to hide if they feel threatened and a safe place to rest. A hut or two makes play a bit more fun because they can hide and then pop out and run, jump, and climb as they please.

You’ll want to choose a hut that is large enough for your chinchilla to get in and out of with no problems. I have found that some companies make these items and seem to miscalculate the size of a chinchilla, which can leave an owner with something that a hamster or gerbil would fit nicely, but leaving their fuzzy chin out in the cold because they are too small for a chinchilla.

Chinchillas can weigh up to three pounds, which makes them more like a guinea pig than a hamster or gerbil in size.

So, let’s move on to the huts that are best for your chinchilla.

Niteangel Wood House with Window

This hut is made from natural pine wood and is perfect for you chinchilla. There are two windows for air circulation. It’s large enough that you can add a pad, cushion, or even put a food dish on top of the hut. This hut is perfect for your chinchilla to play, sleep, hide, and chew. Whatever their little heart desires.

Dimensions: 11.7 x 10.8 x 6.8 inches or 29.7 x 27.4 x 17.2 cm


  • Perfect for a larger chinchilla
  • Made from natural pine wood
  • Holds up to chewing better than some other huts


  • Small brad nails used at the corners to hold the unit together
  • Price is a bit high compared to other huts

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Beaks And Paws B&P Large Flat Roof Hideout

Another large wood hut made for your chinchilla. It’s large enough for two adult chinchillas. Made from natural wood. This hut has two windows and an arched doorway. It’s sturdy and durable, but if you have an enthusiastic chewer, you will find that even the toughest huts won’t hold up forever. That is part of having a pet like a chinchilla. They are natural chewers. Chewing is for the health of their teeth.

Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.5 x7.1in or 32 x 24 x 18 cm


  • Large enough for two average adult chinchillas
  • Made from natural wood
  • Strong and Sturdy


  • Made with nails
  • Won’t last super long if you have an enthusiastic chewer
  • More expensive option

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Kaytee Chinchilla Hut Hideout

This hut by Kaytee is made from all-natural, safe to chew pine. It is a simple slide together house, which means no glue, screws, or nails that might harm your chinchilla. Your chinchilla can hide, sleep, chew, and play in this little hut. It is also a perfect size to fit on Kaytee comfort shelves. This hut is an excellent option if you’d like to put a shelter up higher on a shelf for your chinchilla.

Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 6.2 inches or 20.06 x 20.06 x 15.7 cm


  • Natural pine wood
  • It encourages chewing
  • Can be used with Kaytee comfort shelves
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Some huts don’t fit together well
  • Chinchilla’s that love to chew may destroy this hut in a short time
  • Some complaints that this hut broke as they put it together

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Kaytee Igloo Hideaway

This Kaytee igloo hut I’m reviewing here is the giant-sized one. There is also a large, plus a couple of smaller models as well. This hut is easy to clean.  It’s one piece. It is translucent so you can see your chinchilla when they are inside. The igloo encourages play, sleep, and hiding instincts. This shelter is made of plastic, so caution should be taken if you purchase for your chinchilla. They do love to chew, and it isn’t good for them to ingest plastic. If you notice your chinchilla chews on this hut, you may want to remove it and try another type that is safe for chewing behavior.

Dimensions: 12.8 x 15.8 x 8.5 inches or 32.5 x 40.1 x 21.5 cm


  • Easy to clean
  • Translucent so you can watch you chinchilla play
  • Extra-large size. Perfect for a larger chinchilla


  • Made from plastic, so it’s not good if you have a chinchilla that loves to eat their houses.

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Here are only a few huts and hideouts that will work for chinchillas. I hope you find one you like for your new furry family member. Keep in mind that chinchillas will chew things, including their houses. It’s a good idea to give them chew toys to keep them occupied, along with their regular diet and snacks. This may prevent your chinchilla from destroying a hut. You may find that your chinchilla just loves to chew everything. That will more than likely determine which shelter you want to buy for your chinchilla.

If you already have your chinchilla and have some experience with buying huts and hideouts, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what your favorite or best choice is. Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Best Chinchilla Hideouts”

    • Hi Dorothy!
      There are lots of options for chinchilla hides, if your chins are avid chewers I would stay away from all things plastic. I would avoid the seagrass huts too, chins can demolish those in a few hours if they want to. Really the best ones to get are wood hides. Yes they will chew on them, so you will have to buy a new one every now and again, but its better than risking plastic. Many places make hides out of wood, you can even usually find them in your average pet store (or if you are handy you can make a basic one yourself). I would try placing something they really like to chew near the hide, so hopefully they will chose that instead. If you make sure that there is another darker area over something they like to chew that might help as well, sometimes if chins are in bright environment they just chew on their hide because that’s where they feel most comfortable.

      Another option that is free would be cardboard boxes. You can grab one laying around, but take of any tape first! Then just flip the box over and cut a door into the side. Your chins will chew this right up probably, but its a free option. The last thing you could do is try fleece hammocks or cubes. They might choose to sleep in these if you cover them above to make a nice dark space (like placing a sheet or towel over the top of the cage). The downside to these is that they are hot, so if your chin already has a pretty warm cage I wouldn’t go with these. Some chins will also never use them, it depends upon the individual. If you want to give it a try there are many places online that sell them, I would start on Etsy.

      Good luck!


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