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How Much Water Should a Chinchilla Drink Per Day?

One of the most efficient means of caring for pet chinchillas involves monitoring their diet carefully to ensure they eat and drink the right amounts. Especially since the quantities of food and water they take in are key indicators of how healthy they are at any given point in time. Yet while we can often …

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Are Chinchillas Friendly?

If there’s one group in that vast mammalian family which seems to have invented the patent for cuteness, it’s surely rodents and it’s clear that chinchillas top the list. There’s virtually no competition in the cuddly and adorable stakes against those twinkling dark eyes, fluffy fur and tubby forms. But just how easy is it …

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chinchilla shedding

Do Chinchillas Shed?

Many pet owners are concerned about their pets shedding. It can be frustrating to deal with excess pet hair, but often that is just part of owning an animal. It is important to know if your pet will shed. So, if you are considering adopting a chinchilla, you are probably curious if they shed. Yes, …

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chinchilla fur

Do Male Chinchillas Spray?

Animals spray for a variety of reasons. Skunks spray an unpleasant liquid when they are threatened. Male cats use their spray to mark their territory. But what about chinchillas? Yes, spraying urine is a natural reaction for chinchillas. Both female and male chinchillas can spray. This is a natural reaction that often happens very suddenly. …

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What is a Chinchilla?

What exactly is a chinchilla? Are you thinking about adopting one of these cute creatures but still not quite sure what they are? You’re not alone. Many people are attracted to these grey fluffy animals. But a lot of people don’t know exactly what a chinchilla is. Are these creatures similar to rabbits? Or maybe …

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Chinchilla fur slip

What is Chinchilla Fur Slip?

What exactly is a chinchilla fur slip? No, this isn’t a piece of clothing. A fur slip is a defense tactic that chinchillas use to get out of dangerous situations. But if you own a pet chinchilla, it can be unsettling the first time you see a fur slip. What should you do next? And …

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ginger cat

Can Chinchillas and Cats Live Together?

Many pet owners have been there. You already have a pet and now you want to introduce another animal to your household. How is that going to work? In this post, we are going to cover cats and chinchillas. These may seem like common household pets that should get along. And sometimes, these creatures can …

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Two chinchillas in a cage

Can Male Chinchillas Live Together?

If you are thinking about adopting a chinchilla, do you need to adopt multiple? Chinchillas are social creatures. In the wild, they can live in herds of 100 chinchillas. But don’t worry, you don’t need to adopt a large herd. In fact, pet chinchillas can live alone. But if you do want to adopt multiple …

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chinchilla dust bath

Why Do Chinchillas Need Dust Baths?

If you are considering adopting a pet chinchilla, make sure you understand one important thing: chinchillas can’t get wet. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Chinchillas can’t get wet (we will go into more detail about this later in the post). But even though they can’t get wet, these rodents still need to get …

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do chinchillas bite

Do Chinchillas Bite?

Biting is just part of owning a pet. Most cat and dog owners have been bitten by their pet at some point. But it is important to understand how much biting to expect. You should also understand why your pet wants to bite. So, if you are thinking about adopting a chinchilla you might be …

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