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365+ Chinchilla Names

Choosing a name for your new chinchilla should be fun and exciting. Still, it can be a bit daunting, especially if this is your first chinchilla or even your first pet. You’ll want a perfect name for your furry little friend. Some things you can name your chinchilla for is their coloring, including any markings …

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Are Chinchillas Friendly?

If there’s one group in that vast mammalian family which seems to have invented the patent for cuteness, it’s surely rodents and it’s clear that chinchillas top the list. There’s virtually no competition in the cuddly and adorable stakes against those twinkling dark eyes, fluffy fur and tubby forms. But just how easy is it …

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Do Male Chinchillas Spray?

Animals spray for a variety of reasons. Skunks spray an unpleasant liquid when they are threatened. Male cats use their spray to mark their territory. But what about chinchillas? Yes, spraying urine is a natural reaction for chinchillas. Both female and male chinchillas can spray. This is a natural reaction that often happens very suddenly. …

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