Can Male Chinchillas Live Together?

Two chinchillas in a cage

If you are thinking about adopting a chinchilla, do you need to adopt multiple? Chinchillas are social creatures. In the wild, they can live in herds of 100 chinchillas. But don’t worry, you don’t need to adopt a large herd, two or three is enough! Can male chinchillas actually live together or will they fight … Read more

Why Do Chinchillas Need Dust Baths?

chinchilla dust bath

Chinchilla Corner is reader-supported, if you purchase any products through the links below we may receive a small commission. Learn more If you are considering adopting pet chinchillas you will need to give them dust baths! Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Since chinchillas can’t get wet due to their thick fur, they needed … Read more

Can Chinchillas Get Fat?

Chinchilla natural habitat

Chinchillas can get fat, but it’s usually from the food they eat. The food they eat is up to their owner or, as I like to call them, their chinchilla parent. Chinchillas have a small selection of food in the wild since they live high up in arid mountains. Their foods are mostly hay and … Read more

Can Chinchillas Live Alone?

Chinchilla alone

Can chinchillas live alone? Yes. Should they? Probably not. In the wild, chinchillas live in herds can be as big as 100 individuals. They are very social animals and rely on each other for safety and comfort. Since they live together in the wild, it stands to reason that they should live with at least … Read more

Are Chinchillas Endangered?

Chinchilla in the wild

The answer to this question has two answers. In the wild, chinchillas are endangered. However, domestic chinchillas are not. Chinchillas kept as pets are bred to maintain a constant supply for the breeders that sell them. This breeding should allow human chinchilla parents some relief as they are not contributing to the demise of the … Read more

How to Care for Baby Chinchillas


Baby chinchillas are born with a full coat and their eyes and ears open. They are born ready to take on the world. Even though they are born ready that doesn’t mean they don’t need care from their mother and human keepers. Baby chinchillas are called kits, a shortened version of kittens. Chinchilla females can … Read more

Can You Potty Train a Chinchilla?

chinchilla potty

Chinchilla Corner is reader-supported, if you purchase any products through the links below we may receive a small commission. Learn more The short answer is yes, you can potty train a chinchilla! You can train a chinchilla to use a litter box, but only for pee. Chinchillas poop up to two hundred and fifty times … Read more

Why Do Chinchillas Bark?

two chinchillas

Chinchillas bark for a variety of reasons in the wild, since they are prey animals. They use their bark as a warning to the other chinchillas that danger is lurking near. As pets, they still use this warning call, but their perceived threat is quite different than in the wild. Chinchillas also make many other … Read more

365+ Chinchilla Names

Best chinchilla names

Choosing a name for your new chinchilla should be fun and exciting. Still, it can be a bit daunting, especially if this is your first chinchilla or even your first pet. You’ll want a perfect name for your furry little friend. Some things you can name your chinchilla for is their coloring, including any markings … Read more