Can Chinchillas Eat Cheerios?

Chinchilla and Cheerios

Yes, chinchillas can eat cheerios every once in a while. However, cheerios contain more phosphorus than chinchillas need. That means cheerios should be given sparingly so that you don’t create a calcium-phosphorus imbalance in your chinchilla’s diet. Chinchillas need a 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Cheerios are 1 to 1, which doesn’t … Read more

Can Chinchillas Eat Tomatoes?


The short answer to this question is no – tomatoes are too acidic for chinchilla tummies. Tomatoes contain sugar and phosphorus. Too much of these aren’t suitable for your chinchilla. Chinchillas must have a one to one ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Too much phosphorus can cause neurological problems and brittle bones. What is a … Read more

Best Chinchilla Food


Chinchilla Corner is reader-supported, if you purchase any products through the links below we may receive a small commission. Learn more What do chinchillas eat? If you are considering adopting a chinchilla, you might find yourself asking this question. It is important to know what to feed your new furry friend. In this post, we … Read more