Can Chinchillas Live Alone?

Can chinchillas live alone? Yes. Should they? Probably not.

In the wild, chinchillas live in colonies, which means they live with many other chinchillas. They are social animals. Since they live that way in the wild, it stands to reason that they should live with at least one more chinchilla.

There are things that your single chinchilla will need if they are to live alone. The most important thing they need when living alone is you. As their chinchilla parent, you’ll need to be around to provide the company they are missing by not having a chinchilla buddy.

Chinchilla Needs

Whether you plan on keeping a single chinchilla or getting a pair, you’ll still need to meet the same needs for your chinchilla. Below is a list of things your chinchilla needs.

The first one is a recommended item. Most will say that it’s better to keep at least a pair of chinchillas so that they won’t miss out on any attention.

  • Adopt or Purchase at least one other chinchilla. When keeping chinchillas, you should have same-sex pairs. Don’t keep opposite sexes together unless you are planning on breeding them.
  • Hiding spots are a must, especially in a multi chinchilla home. These help chinchillas stay away from annoying housemates. However, even with a single chinchilla, you should provide choices. Make their cage similar to what they’d have in the wild. They don’t have just one little hut. They have multiple hidey holes.
  • You should pick up and hold your chinchilla starting at an early age so that they become used to handling. Handling is an essential step for a single chinchilla. If chinchillas are handled at an early age, they may come to see humans as friends. Doing this will help you keep your single chinchilla happy and healthy.
  • As well as picking them up, it would be best if you interacted with your chinchilla by letting them come to you for pets or treats. Or even some play.
  • Your chinchilla should have enough food, water, nest boxes, and hiding spots.
  • Chinchillas need constant supervision when they are not in their cage. It would be best if you never let your chinchilla out with larger animals as injury or death could occur.


I hope this short article helps you decide whether to have a single chinchilla or two. There isn’t much information on this subject. Some people say that you should never have a single chinchilla. Others say it’s not a big deal, and they’ve successfully had a single chinchilla. I believe it’s probably up to the chinchilla. Some may be fine living alone with only their person for company and care. Others may stress out and become depressed if they are alone. For those little guys, it would be best for them to have a companion. We would love to hear from those who do have single chinchillas, and let us know how you do things. Leave a comment below.

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