Best Chinchilla Hay

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The path to a chinchilla’s affections and longevity is paved with tempting treats, soothing dust baths and delicious hay.

But why hay? The answer to this question takes us back to the Andean slopes where chinchillas once thrived on vegetation which was not only ideal for their delicate digestive systems but also great for keeping those continuously growing teeth well worn and in perfect condition.

And now that significant numbers of them are now adapting to the comforts of a domestic lifestyle, it’s the one foodstuff which comes as close as possible to their diet in the wild.

But any type of hay simply won’t do: renowned pet product manufacturer Oxbow recommends the high-quality variety — in unlimited supplies — for ensuring pet chins remain in top shape.

And in this post, we shall be taking a look at the very best products to purchase for your chin to ensure you find your way into your favourite fluffball’s heart, one bowl of excellent hay at a time.

The Best Chinchilla Hay for Fragrance and Flavour

Small Pet Select

Any manufacturer which rescues and takes care of pets themselves are bound to take that extra bit of care in coming up with the perfect product to ensure you’re able to take care of yours too.

No wonder this product has been inundated with rave reviews from delighted pet owners who have extolled its fresh, natural fragrance capable of tempting even the most hay-shy of their charges to tuck away copious amounts at meal times.

And it’s pretty easy to see why this product is one of the very best available: its been selected by hand and happens to be of the second cutting variety — an extremely popular choice among pets — and contains the perfect balance of soft and firm hay not to mention leaf, seed-head and stem.

And it’s pretty versatile too, making it the ideal choice for other rodents, ensuring you get to keep all your fluffy charges well-fed with a minimum of fuss.


  • Sweet tasting and fragrant
  • Highly appealing to fussy eaters
  • Second cut hay
  • Fast delivery times


  • Complaints about dry hard bits in the product were noted
  • Tight packaging

Best Chinchilla Hay for of All Ages

Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

Our second item is brought to us courtesy of a manufacturer which is renowned for the quality of its offerings for small furry pets: Oxbow. It’s also vet approved and consists of nutritious second cut hay which is a highly popular choice among pets. And because miniature furballs everywhere are also sticklers for presentation and aroma, the manufacturer has also taken extra care to ensure that it’s fresh and fragrant too and will tempt them into clearing their bowls at meal times.

Its high fiber, low-calcium and low-protein content make it the ideal choice for enabling your chin to maintain a healthy weight and healthy teeth while also staving off the risk of kidney stones, obesity and overgrown teeth.

What’s more, its price is pretty reasonable ensuring it’s a great bargain for ensuring you will be able to feed your chins and any other small rodents with hearty, healthy fare.


  • Vet approved
  • Second cut hay
  • 100% Timothy Hay
  • Fresh and fragrant
  • High in fiber, low in fat and protein


  • Complaints about a drop in quality were observed

The Best Chinchilla Meal Combo

Oxbow Western Timothy And Orchard Hay

Chinchillas love a little variety every now and again. And what better way to ensure they get it by providing them with one of the very best quality products on the market?

With Oxbow’s blend of timothy and orchard hay, your pet will be able to enjoy the nutrients and fibre it needs to keep its dentition and digestive system in perfect health.

In keeping with the manufacturer’s reputation for providing products of exceptional quality, Oxbow Western Timothy and Orchard Hay displays all the hallmarks of that extra bit of care which separates excellent products from the merely impressive.

This perfectly balanced meal combo consists of hay which has been grown on the Oxbow family farm and hand-picked and hand-blended to create a product which scores highly on taste and fragrance.

And you don’t have to worry about the presence of any worrisome artificial flavours, colours or preservatives which might harm your chin since this product is completely free of them.

Last but not the least is its price which makes it an awesome bargain for treating your fluffy friend to a delightful touch of variety in their diet.


  • Scores highly on fragrance, flavour and freshness
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives
  • Hand-picked and hand-blended
  • Ideal for picky eaters


  • Imbalance in the ratio of orchard to timothy hay

The Best Chinchilla Appetite Stimulant

Kaytee Timothy Wafer-Cut Hay

The next item on our list comes with all the perks of long strand hay and none of the mess. It’s also natural and completely free of those pesky chemicals which seem to turn up where they’re least expected.

Its manufacturers are pretty certain that their wafer-shaped, sun-cured offering has what it takes to stimulate your chin’s appetite and entice it to tuck right in until it gets to the very bottom of its bowl at each meal time.

And it’s also ideal for guinea pigs, rabbits and other members of the cute and fluffy family. That means they can all share in the fun too rather than watch your chin enjoy a delightful lunch all on its own while they have to make do with a fare which is less spectacular.

And in terms of pricing, it’s quite simply one of the most affordable available ensuring you will be able to provide your chin — and other relevant rodents too — with an excellent, high-quality diet at a great price.


  • Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives
  • Ideal for tidier feeding
  • Sun-cured and capable of stimulating the appetite
  • Affordable pricing
  • A hit among bunnies, chins and guinea pigs
  • Less waste


  • Complaints about colouring noted

The Best Chinchilla Fruit-Scented Hay

Kaytee All Natural Orchard Grass

Few options are as enticing as hay which has been touched by the summer sunshine and comes with its very own unique fruity fragrance. And with Kaytee All Natural Orchard Grass, you can be certain that your chin will be able to feel as though it were settling down to a robust sunset spread in the Andes.

And it’s so much more than its flavour and fragrance too. This product is perfectly natural and free from any chemicals which less conscientious manufacturers are rather fond of sneaking into their offerings. It’s also sun-cured and is an excellent appetite stimulant meaning your chin’s quite unlikely to budge from its bowl until it’s completely empty, making for a well-fed, healthy and happy pet.


  • Completely natural
  • Sun-cured and capable of stimulating the appetite
  • Affordable pricing
  • Pleasant fruity fragrance
  • High fibre content

Concluding Thoughts

Natural, fragrant and delicious. What more could any chin possibly want? Nothing more except for perfectly timed treats issued in moderation. And that’s what makes these products the perfect choices for your fluffy friends. The proof can be found in the rave reviews they’ve all garnered with reports of fussy eaters tucking away impressive amounts and rushing to their bowls at meal times.

And because your chin’s health comes first before any indulgence, none of these products have any treats mixed in.  That way your chin has no other choice but to be good and finish its healthy, albeit very tasty ‘vegetables’.

That way you can ensure it enjoys optimum health and feed it treats in moderation, avoiding the slippery slope which leads to obesity and overgrown teeth while winning that fluffy heart over with each bowl of goodness.

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