Best Chinchilla Cages

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When you adopt a chinchilla, you need to have the right supplies. These include water bottles, wheels, and, of course, a cage. It is important to give your chinchilla the best cage, so they can comfortably play, sleep, and eat.

But what is the best chinchilla cage?

Don’t worry, we are going to discuss every factor that goes into choosing the perfect chinchilla cage. We will review the best cages to help you make your decision. By the end of this post, we hope you feel comfortable selecting the best cage for your furry friend.

Best Chinchilla Cage

Before looking at the cage reviews, let’s discuss the factors involved in selecting the best chinchilla cage.

Also, don’t forget to consider your chinchilla’s natural habitat and sleep cycle.

Think about where you want the cage to go. Is it going to be in your bedroom or another room? If it is going in your bedroom, remember that chinchillas are crepuscular creatures. This means they are most active during dawn and dusk. So, they might be running on their wheel while you are trying to sleep.

Remember, chinchillas originated from the mountains of South America. They are used to cool, high altitude climates. So, you don’t want to keep their cage in direct sunlight. You should also place rocks, twigs, and small logs in their cage to replicate the terrain of the Andes.

In addition to their natural habitat and sleep cycle, there are a few other factors you should consider before deciding on the perfect chinchilla cage.


As we mentioned earlier, their sleep cycle and natural habitat can affect where you want to place your chinchilla’s cage. Find a spot out of direct sunlight that is also not too close to your bedroom.

Once you decide on a location, think about anything else that occurs in that area. Do you have other pets or children who often use that space? If your chinchilla is frequently exposed to other animals, they might become stressed or ill.

Finally, make sure you measure the location so you know what size cage you can purchase.

Location Takeaways:

  • Place the cage out of direct sunlight.
  • Make sure it isn’t in a spot where their crepuscular habits will bother you.
  • Factor in any other animals who frequently use the space.
  • Measure the space to decide what size cage you can buy.


Chinchillas are relatively large rodents. So, you need to make sure their cage is large enough for your chinchilla to comfortably live in the space. You should offer at least 12 feet of cubic space for your chinchilla.

Also, it is a good idea to purchase a multi-level cage. This ensures that your chinchilla has room to jump and climb. This keeps them entertained and helps replicate their natural habitat.

You will need to offer plenty of accessories, including toys, a wheel, and food and water. The space should be large enough so your chinchilla is not cramped with all of those supplies in the cage.

Size Takeaways:

  • Chinchillas need at least 12 ft of cubic space.
  • Consider a multi-level cage so chinchillas can jump and climb.
  • The cage should not feel cramped when the accessories are placed inside.

Number of Chinchillas

Chinchilla can live alone, but they are social creatures. So, it is often recommended that you adopt two chinchillas because they are used to living in groups.

If you adopt two chinchillas, you need to make sure your cage is large enough to fit both creatures.

You should also consider purchasing two cages. This would allow you to separate the chinchillas if they start fighting.

Number of Chinchillas Takeaway:

  • If you own multiple chinchillas, make sure the cage comfortably fits all of them.
  • Consider purchasing multiple cages in case you need to separate the chinchillas.


Chinchillas are rodents, which means their front teeth are constantly growing. In order to wear down their teeth to a manageable level, chinchillas need to chew.

Even if you provide chew toys, your chinchilla might be tempted to chew on the cage bars. Make sure to avoid plastic, lead, or galvanized cages. If your chinchilla chews and consumes these materials, it can cause bad health effects.

Wire cages are recommended because these offer a good amount of airflow. Try to pick a cage with less than 0.5” of space between the bars so your chinchilla doesn’t escape.

Even if you select a wire cage, look for a cage with a solid floor. The wire can be harmful to your chinchilla’s feet. It might be harder to clean a solid floor cage, but your chinchilla will appreciate it.

Material Takeaway:

  • Avoid harmful materials like plastic, lead, and galvanized cages.
  • Wire cages are recommended.
  • Look for a solid floor to help protect your chinchilla’s feet.


As we briefly mentioned above, chinchillas need plenty of supplies in their cage. You will need to provide toys, food, water, and dust baths.

So, make sure the cage you select has room for all of these accessories. Think about where each item will go before you purchase the cage.

Some cages come with a few accessories included, which might also influence your buying decision.

Accessories Takeaway:

  • Make sure the cage has room for each accessory.
  • Consider the supplies that are included with the cage.


Of course, you need to consider your budget before purchasing a cage. Cages are offered at a variety of price points, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs.

Think about what each cage offers, because this might influence the price point. Ultimately, decide the price you are comfortable with before making your decision.

Price Takeaways:

  • Cages are offered at a variety of price points.
  • Determine your budget before deciding on a cage.


It is very important to regularly clean your chinchilla’s cage. Chinchillas can become stressed if their cage is filled with droppings. So, you will need to clean their cage multiple times a week.

Look for a cage with a large door, as this will make it easier to clean the cage. Some cages offer removable floors, which can also help with cleaning.

It can be easy to forget the cleaning process, so this is something you should try to consider before making your decision.

Cleaning Takeaway:

  • Chinchilla cages need to be cleaned multiple times a week.
  • Cages with large doors or removable floors are easier to clean.

Spend some time thinking about these factors. Buying a cage is an important decision, so you need to make sure you have thought through each factor before moving forward.

When you are ready, let’s move on to the reviews of the 10 best chinchilla cages.

Quick Reference

#1 Living World Deluxe Habitat

Best Multi-Level Cage: Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

Best Cage for One Chinchilla: Kaytee 2×2 Multi-Level Habitat

Best Simple Cage: go2buy 4 Level Indoor Ferret Cage Hutch for Small Pets

Best Durable Cage: Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion Chinchilla Cage

Best Cage for Kids: Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard

Chinchilla Cage Reviews:

In this section, we will look at 9 of the best chinchilla cages on the market. These are divided into a Top 5 list and the remaining cages are reviewed based on specific categories.

These are all high-quality cages that offer different components to fit your needs. Consider the reviews before selecting the perfect cage for your chinchilla.

#1 Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is a hybrid cage that combines wire bars with a plastic base. This cage also offers a small balcony, which your chinchilla can reach by climbing or jumping. You will find a food bowl attached to the balcony. This bowl is secured in place, which helps prevent spills. Also, the space under the balcony works as a hiding place for chinchillas.

There is a large door on the top of the cage, which makes it easy for you to clean the cage. You don’t need any additional tools to assemble this cage. Review the video below for more information about how to quickly set up the cage.

In addition to the food bowl, this cage includes a water bottle and hay guard. These both attach to the outside of the cage, which helps conserve interior space.

This is a highly-rated cage that comes at a relatively high price point. The unique curved lid sets this cage apart from most others on the market.

Before purchasing this cage, you should be aware that it does include a plastic floor. Although it is unlikely that your chinchilla will chew the floor, plastic is very harmful to chinchilla’s health. Also, this cage only offers a small balcony and not a complete second level. Many chinchillas need space to jump and climb. If you pick this cage, make sure your chinchilla has room to climb when they are out of their cage.


  • Wire-framed cage
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers space for your chinchilla to hide


  • Higher price point
  • Plastic flooring
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of space for jumping or climbing

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#2 MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage

The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage is perfect for rats, ferrets, and chinchillas. This cage offers a grey-quartz finished wire frame. The 0.5” space between the wires prevents your pet from escaping through the bars.

This spacious cage offers plenty of room for accessories, like dust baths and exercise wheels. There is an elevated platform so your chinchilla can have a space to climb to or hide under. You can remove this platform and place it anywhere in the cage. The platform is easily reached by the included ramp ladder. This cage also comes with a ladder cover, which helps protect your chinchilla’s feet.

In addition, this cage comes with a removable leak-proof pan, which helps with the cleaning process. The large door can be opened with one hand and also helps as you need to clean. This latch on the door is pet-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your chinchilla accidentally escaping.

This cage is on wheels, so you can move it if necessary. This cage is large enough for multiple chinchillas. It is also stackable if you wanted to add an additional cage on top.

A 1-year limited warranty is included. This cage comes at a higher price point than others on the market. You can view the video below to learn more about what this cage looks like when it is in use.


  • Wireframe with 0.5” of space between the wires
  • Spacious cage with plenty of room for multiple chinchillas
  • Includes a platform, ladder, and ladder cover


  • Higher price point than some other cages
  • Doesn’t include certain accessories, like a water bottle
  • Some reviews noted that the assembly is time-consuming

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#3 Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage 484

The Prevue Deluxe Critter Cage (Model 484) is a wire frame cage designed to house small animals. It comes with three ramps, 5 shelves, and 1 hammock. Chinchillas love to climb up the different levels for entertainment and as a way to get a higher vantage point.

The wire frame is tight enough to prevent a chinchilla from escaping through the bars. For easy access, there are two doors on the cage. The cage is on wheels in case you need to move it. Also, you will find a storage pan under the cage where you can keep toys, food, or other accessories.

This is a spacious cage that measures 37’’ L x 23 1/8’’ W x 63 3/8” H. There is plenty of room for multiple chinchillas to comfortably live in this space.

The floor pan can easily be removed to help with the cleaning process. You can also purchase replacement ramps and shelves as necessary. The pan and shelves are plastic, which is something you should consider since this can be harmful to a chinchilla’s health.

Prevue offers a relatively high price point for this cage. But, it is one of the best multi-leveled chinchilla cages on the market.


  • 3-tired cage which offers plenty of entertainment for your chinchilla
  • Wire frame
  • Multiple doors for easy access


  • Higher price point than other cages on the market
  • Plastic flooring and shelving
  • Could be too large for some spaces

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#4 Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495

The Prevue Critter Cage (Model 495) is a wire cage that is designed for ferrets or chinchillas. This cage comes with metal ramps, floor pan, and platforms, which can withstand years of wear and tear. Also, since everything on the cage is metal, you don’t have to worry about your chinchilla chewing the cage. The cage measures 31-Inch long, 20-1/2-inch wide, 40-inch high.

This cage comes on wheels, so you can easily move it. Also, you will find a storage rack under the cage where you can keep food or accessories. This cage includes two platforms and three ramps, which gives your chinchilla space to climb.

The large cage door has a wind-bell lock which prevents your chinchilla from accidentally escaping. The floor pan can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

If you are looking for a stylish cage, you might enjoy the dusty rose color of this cage. However, this is one of the higher price-point cages on this list, which might be related to its unique color.

Also, some reviewers noted that this cage can be loud when chinchillas jump on the platforms. Consider purchasing platform covers to help reduce the noise.

Overall this is a high-quality cage. You can watch the video below to see the cage in use.


  • All-metal cage (including floor and platforms)
  • Multiple platforms for climbing and jumping
  • Wind-bell lock to prevent chinchillas from escaping


  • High price point
  • Can be loud
  • Some might not like the dusty rose color

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Best Multi-Level Cage: Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

The Exotic Nutrition Mansion cage is available as a two or four level cage. There are ramps and platforms for your chinchillas to climb and explore. This is a spacious cage that is great for multiple chinchillas to share comfortably.

Another great feature of this cage is the all-metal material. With this cage, you don’t need to worry about your chinchilla chewing and consuming any harmful materials. The wires have a 0.5” space so your chinchilla can’t slip out and escape.

The flooring can be removed for easy cleaning. There is also a storage rack under the cage where you can keep any supplies you need. The cage also has wheels so it can be mobile if necessary.

Depending on your price point, you can purchase the two or four level cage. The four level cage is offered at a higher price point, but it does allow for more interior cage space.

Be aware that the return process is difficult and costly. Returns must be made in the original packaging and are subject to a restocking fee. Customers are also responsible for covering the return shipping cost.

If you are looking for a multi-level cage, this is one of the best options on the market. You can decide how many levels to make the cage. If necessary, you can also purchase ramp covers to protect your pet’s feet.

In the below above, you can watch the assembly process for this cage.


  • Spacious multi-level cage offered in 2 or 4 level sizes
  • All metal material
  • Easy to clean


  • Relatively high price point
  • Returns are difficult and costly
  • Doesn’t include additional accessories (like water bottles or wheels)

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Best Cage for One Chinchilla: Kaytee 2×2 Multi-Level Habitat with Removable Casters

The Kaytee 2×2 Multi-Level Habitat is a small cage with a wire frame and plastic base. Due to its smaller size (24 x 24 x 41.5 inches), this cage is best for a single chinchilla. This cage also includes multiple levels of slides, hammocks, and platforms that will help keep the single chinchilla entertained.

The base, platforms, and slides are made of plastic, which we know is harmful to the health of a chinchilla. Also, the cage was originally designed for ferrets, so the slides and tubes might not fit a chinchilla. If necessary, you can customize the cage by using covers or different ramps to fit your chinchilla’s needs.

The cage includes wheels, so it is mobile. Also, the base is removable and easy to clean. The wire door is chew-proof and has a latching system that will help prevent your pet from escaping. It is worth noting that the space between the bars is 1”. The recommended amount for chinchillas is 0.5”, but your chinchilla still won’t be able to escape through these bars. This cage does provide ventilation which helps your chinchilla regulate their temperature.

Compared to other cages on the market, this is offered at a lower price-point than most. While it won’t fit the needs of every chinchilla, this is the perfect cage if you have one active chinchilla.


  • Multiple levels of platforms, slides, and a hammock
  • Wire frame
  • Provides good ventilation


  • Plastic base and platforms
  • 1” spacing between the bars
  • Might need to purchase additional ramps or ramp covers

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Best Simple Cage: go2buy 4 Level Indoor Ferret Cage Hutch for Small Pets

The go2buy 4 Level Indoor Ferret cage is a wire cage that offers plenty of space for your chinchilla to climb and explore. With its low price point and multiple included accessories, it is our pick for the best affordable and simple cage.

This cage measures 25 x 17 x 36.5” and comes with multiple platforms, ramps, a water bottle, and a feeding tray. The bottom pan is removable which helps with the cleaning process.

This cage is very sturdy and easy to transport. It includes wheels and is also collapsable. It is important to mention that the ramps and platforms are all made of wire. While this is better than plastic, it can be uncomfortable for your chinchilla to walk on. You might need to purchase covers to make these more suitable for your chinchilla.

There are two small doors which you can use to help your chinchilla in and out of the cage. The cage is very easy to assemble and only includes a few parts that you need to put together.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable and simple cage, this is one of the best options on the market. Even at the low price point, this cage includes multiple levels for entertainment and a free water bottle and feeding tray.


  • Relatively low price point
  • Includes multiple platforms and ramps for entertainment
  • Compactable and mobile if required


  • Includes wire ramps and platforms, which can be uncomfortable for chinchillas
  • Some reviewers noted that the water bottle was not high-quality
  • May not have enough space for multiple chinchillas

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Best Durable Cage: Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion

If you are looking for a high-quality durable chinchilla cage, this is one of the best options available. Quality Cage Crafters designed this cage specifically for chinchillas, which sets it apart from most of the other cages on the market.

However, the attention to detail and unique design does come at a higher price-point. This is one of the most expensive chinchilla cages you will find. This cage includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Also, this cage is built to last a lifetime so you will never need to replace this cage.

This cage is completely plastic-free. The frame is made from metal wires and the platforms are made out of wood. The floor is removable, to help with cleaning. When the tray is removed, the floor is still covered by sheet metal to prevent chinchillas from escaping.

In addition to the doors on the front of the cage, the top of the cage also opens. This helps with placing your chinchilla in and out of the cage.

You can also purchase a wheel from Quality Cage Crafters that easily attaches to the side of the cage. Although this is an expensive cage, it is customizable (since you can move the platforms) and perfect for multiple chinchillas.


  • Completely plastic-free
  • Specifically designed for chinchillas
  • Escape-proof


  • High price point
  • Does not include additional accessories
  • Some reviewers noted that it was difficult to assemble

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Best Cage for Kids: Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard

At this point, we have reviewed the highest-quality cages on the market. However, we wanted to include this cage because it is a great option for kids. This cage is specifically designed with a urine guard, which helps with the clean up. If you have kids who are planning to take care of the chinchilla, this might be the best option for you.

Also, the doors are very easy to close and latch, which is important when children are in charge of caring for the pet. With these doors, children can easily take the chinchilla in and out of the cage without having too much trouble securing the doors.

It is worth noting that some parts of the cage are made from “chew-resistant plastic” but it is possible that some chinchillas could still chew and consume the plastic. Some reviewers also noted that this cage was difficult to assemble.

Although this cage does include a urine guard, it does not completely eliminate waste. Most reviewers did see a decline in the amount of waste when compared to other cages. But, don’t expect this cage to be completely waste-free.

Overall, this isn’t the best cage on the market. But, it is a reliable cage that is a perfect option for families. This cage is easy for kids to use when they need to take care of their chinchillas.


  • Removable urine guard
  • Multiple doors with a solid latching mechanism
  • Good option for kids


  • Relatively high price-point
  • Challenging to assemble
  • Includes plastic pieces

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Best Chinchilla Cage Round-Up

We just covered a lot of information about chinchilla cages. Before you make your final decision, let’s review the cages we just discussed.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

  • Curved-top
  • Wire frame with plastic flooring
  • Highly reviewed
  • $$

MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage

  • Offers room for multiple chinchillas
  • Includes platform, ramp, and ramp cover
  • Includes storage shelf under cage
  • $$

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage 484

  • Spacious
  • Multi-levels
  • Wire frame with plastic flooring
  • $$

Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495

  • All-metal cage
  • Multiple platforms for climbing
  • Dusty-rose color
  • $$

Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

  • Best multi-level cage
  • All-metal
  • Two or four levels available
  • $$$

Kaytee 2×2 Multi-Level Habitat with Removable Casters

  • Best cage for one chinchilla
  • Includes multiple platforms, ramps, and hammock
  • Wire frame with plastic base
  • $

go2buy 4 Level Indoor Ferret Cage Hutch for Small Pets

  • Best Simple Cage
  • Includes multiple levels and can be compacted
  • Wire frame with plastic base
  • $

Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion

  • Best durable cage
  • Escape-proof and plastic-free
  • Designed specifically for chinchillas
  • $$$

Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard

  • Best cage for kids
  • Includes urine-guard
  • Essentially escape-proof
  • $$

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to adopt a chinchilla, you need to make sure you have the right cage for your new pet. Make sure to review the factors at the beginning of the post so you can select the perfect cage for your home.

Remember, the decision is ultimately up to you. There are many different chinchilla cages on the market, so you need to select the one that fits your needs. Think about location, cost, size, and material before making your decision.

When selecting the best chinchilla cage, we recommend picking a large cage with multiple levels or platforms for climbing. If possible, select a plastic-free cage to help keep your chinchilla safe.

You should also look at the flooring and doors to help determine how easy it will be to clean the cage.

We think it is important to invest in a high-quality cage. Many low price-point cages are not suitable for multiple chinchillas. These are often made from plastic and other harmful materials. They are not likely to last for a long time and could even allow your chinchilla to escape.

After taking everything into consideration, our pick is the Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion. This cage was specifically designed for chinchillas and it is completely plastic-free. There are multiple entry points for easy access and it is designed to be escape proof.

Unfortunately, that is one of the most expensive cages on the market. So, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly cage, our second pick is the Kaytee 2×2 Multi-Level Habitat. Even though this is a cheaper option, it is still a high-quality cage that should last a long time.

You can’t go wrong with any of the options in this post. You just need to think about your chinchilla and which cage will work best for them.

We hope this post helped you select the perfect cage for your chinchilla. Please feel free to share your thoughts about chinchilla cages in the comments below!

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  1. We bought several months ago the AmazonBasics 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen for our chinchilla, BUT unfortunately we couldn’t use it yet. The reason is that the space between the bars is too big and our chinchilla could escape from the first day. So we still try to find a material so that we could minimize the space, but it’s too hard to find something, as something of plastic can be chewed and metallic material must be something flexible so that we can still fold the cage, as this was the big advantage that made us buy the cage. So I suggest you put out of your list this cage, it certainly doesn’t fit for any chinchilla (space between the bars about 4cm)
    It was a big dissappointment for us, because we gave out at about 170EUR, and we hoped that our pet will have a better and bigger place to live, but your choice left us with a cage which we cannot use.

    • Hi Zafiria, thank you for this Information, unless they’ve changed the design of the product, that’s the first time I’ve heard of such an issue, I know of many people who have used the cage with no issues. Anyway, I’ve removed it from the list.


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