Best Chinchilla Bedding

Best Chinchilla Bedding

Chinchillas have a pretty different idea of what keeping house means. Especially since millennia spent foraging in the wild meant they really never had to bother with it in the first place. No wonder more fully litter-trained felines and canines, might tend to give them the side eye on occasion. After all, if they have …

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Best Chinchilla Hay

Best Chinchilla Hay

The path to a chinchilla’s affections and longevity is paved with tempting treats, soothing dust baths and delicious hay. But why hay? The answer to this question takes us back to the Andean slopes where chinchillas once thrived on vegetation which was not only ideal for their delicate digestive systems but also great for keeping …

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Best Chinchilla Dust

Chinchillas are renowned for those sleek, silky coats which make them one of the most adorable pets — no mean feat considering the cuddly competition. Once upon a time, they kept it in peak condition using fine, natural volcanic dust when they lived in the wild all those years ago. And in order to ensure …

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Are Chinchillas Friendly?

If there’s one group in that vast mammalian family which seems to have invented the patent for cuteness, it’s surely rodents and it’s clear that chinchillas top the list. There’s virtually no competition in the cuddly and adorable stakes against those twinkling dark eyes, fluffy fur and tubby forms. But just how easy is it …

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Best Chinchilla Food

What do chinchillas eat? If you are considering adopting a chinchilla, you might find yourself asking this question. It is important to know what to feed your new furry friend. In this post, we will take a deep dive into everything you need to know about chinchilla food. We will cover what they eat, how …

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Best Chinchilla Cages

When you adopt a chinchilla, you need to have the right supplies. These include water bottles, wheels, and, of course, a cage. It is important to give your chinchilla the best cage, so they can comfortably play, sleep, and eat. But what is the best chinchilla cage? Don’t worry, we are going to discuss every …

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