What do Chinchillas Eat?

Chinchilla feeding

This is one of the most important questions a chinchilla owner needs to ask. What exactly do chinchillas eat? They are rodents, so do they follow the same dietary patterns as mice or squirrels? Don’t stress if you don’t know the answers. Chinchillas actually follow a simple diet. They mostly consume hay and water. But … Read more

Can Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs Live Together?

guinea pig

Are you thinking about adopting a chinchilla? Before you do, make sure it will get along with your other pets. In this post, we are going to cover chinchillas and guinea pigs. Guinea pigs might seem like they are good companions for chinchillas. But unfortunately, chinchillas and guinea pigs don’t get along. And they should … Read more

What is the Natural Habitat of Chinchillas?

Chinchilla natural habitat

Wait, where are chinchillas from? If you are considering adopting a chinchilla, you probably want to know everything about these adorable creatures. In order to create a perfect environment for your pet, you need to understand their natural habitat. Wild chinchillas are found in South America. But do you know what their habitats look like? … Read more

Are Chinchillas Nocturnal?

Chinchilla dust bath

Before adopting a pet, it is important to know their sleep habits. If you are considering adopting a chinchilla, you should know that they don’t follow our sleep-wake cycle. So does that mean they are nocturnal? Technically chinchillas are crepuscular, not nocturnal. But hold on, what exactly does crepuscular mean? And what does this mean … Read more

Do Chinchillas Smell?

Chinchilla cute

Have you thought about adopting a chinchilla? Are you worried about their potential odor? Well, don’t stress. Unlike other rodents, chinchillas don’t smell. In fact, they are pretty much odorless (even their feces). But, if you do notice a smell coming from your chinchilla, this is a sign that something might be wrong. You should … Read more

Can Chinchillas Eat Carrots?

Chinchilla eating

Pet owners often ask themselves, “can my pet eat that?” Sometimes it’s difficult to know what your pet can (or should) eat. Especially if that food item is generally considered healthy. But sometimes healthy human food isn’t exactly healthy for pets. So in this post, we are going to discuss if chinchillas can eat carrots. … Read more

Chinchilla Lifespan- How Long Do They Live?

Chinchilla lifespan

There are many factors to consider before adopting a pet. You need to know what they eat, how active they are, and potential health concerns. But it is also important to know their life expectancy. This is no different for chinchillas. Before adopting a chinchilla, you need to understand how long they will live. And … Read more

Why Can’t Chinchillas Get Wet?

If you’ve done any research into owning a pet chinchilla you’ve probably read and come across information stating that a chinchilla must never get wet. Whilst this is true you probably want to know the reasons why your fluffy friend can’t get wet. The short answer is; their fur is very dense and takes a … Read more

Chinchilla or Degu – Which Makes The Best Pet?

Degu or Chinchilla

If you’re looking for a small pet rodent then you must have come across both the chinchilla and the degu, after all, they both originate from South America. You’ve probably wondered which makes the best pet, in this post we will compare them both to help you with your decision. What is a Chinchilla? Chinchillas … Read more

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Chinchilla

Chinchilla sitting and eating

You’ve decided that you want one of these cute, amazing pets but there are things to consider before buying your first chinchilla. Chinchilla ownership is slightly different from other rodents, their care level is different, and a chinchilla requires a lot of work, more so than say a hamster. 1.) Grooming Grooming a chinchilla is … Read more